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Rogaine is an effective medicine, which helps in the regrowth of hair in persons who experience hair loss or thinning hair.

Drug usage

An effective drug for the growth of hair, it is not know how Rogaine helps in the growth of hairs. Well, it has been said that Rogaine dilates the blood vessels in the head scalp, which results in the improvement of the hair follicles. This leads to the growth of hair follicles.

How taken

Rogaine has to be taken as per your doctor’s prescription. Before using the solution, wash the scalp with mild shampoo. After this, apply Rogaine only after the scalp gets dry. While applying Rogaine, take care that the drug does not enter the eyes, noise and mouth. Once this happens, rinse the eyes, nose and mouth with water.

Once you start to apply Rogaine, the results can be seen in just four months. If you do not see the results in 4 months, better discontinue with the drug and contact the doctor.

Missed dose/ overdose

If you miss to apply Rogaine, you can apply it before the next scheduled time. But if it is time for your regular dosage, skip the missed dose. In case you think of having applied more than the usual amount on the scalp, seek immediate medical attention. Though the overdose symptoms are not clearly known, one can come across fast heart rate, headache, flushing and low blood pressure when Rogaine is used in large amounts.

Rogaine for Men

More information

Before the doctor prescribes Rogaine, you have to tell your doctor about all your allergies and also about the diseases that you have. You should have to tell your doctor if you have any heart problems as Rogaine can affect the heart.

Rogaine is FDA pregnancy category C, which means it will no cause harm to the foetus. Even then if you are pregnant or hoping to get conceived, better consult with your doctor about all the risks and complications of taking the drug during the period. As Rogaine drug is present in breast milk, women should have to avoid feeding the new born while taking the drug.


Rogaine should not be applied on the scalp if it is burned or damaged or if you have irritation. If you apply Rogaine during these conditions, the drug may be absorbed into the body, which can be dangerous.

As Rogaine can interact with certain drugs, you should have to discuss with your doctor about all the medicines, including prescriptive and non-prescriptive medicines, which you are taking. Never use any topical medicines on the head scalp while you are on Rogaine medication. Rogaine should only be applied to the scalp and not in any other part of the body as it can be dangerous.

Side effects

When using Rogaine, you may come across allergic reactions like swelling (lips, face, tongue, mouth), closing of throat and rashes. Headache, fast heartbeats, chest pain, light-headedness and dryness are some of the side effects that come with Rogaine

Ways To Avoid Any Kind Of Hair Problem

When we start noticing the health problems which are become the part of our lives, then we find a number of problems. Some kind of health problems are those which get the attention of many people while some are those which are usually not considered by many people. Hair problems are not usually considered by most of the men but women do consider it and give it a lot of importance. For women, fresh and glowing hair is very important and without it they cannot think to live. Some kinds of hair problems are treated by increasing the use of water and applying natural herbs paste on hair, while some hair problems need proper attention of doctors. Without analyzing the hair problem cause, doctors remain unable to give any proper solution to the problem.

We know that smoking is a bad thing but still a great number of people do it. Smoking not only affects the working of lungs and heart but also create problem for your hair. A smoker face a lot of problems because of the nicotine present in the blood. Since nicotine gets the space in blood cells so it becomes difficult for the blood to carry large amount of oxygen with it. The lack of oxygen to each cell of the body causes many kinds of problems. The main effect can be seen on the hair of a smoker. Sufficient amount of oxygen is also necessary for the proper growth of cell. Without this, you cannot see growth in your body. So a person who want to see good growth in himself and want to get rid of all kinds of health problems, then he will have to avoid smoking.

Water is an essential component of the body and one cannot survive without drinking water which he needs. Do you know that water can be used to treat hair problem? If not, then I am going to tell you about it. A person who drinks more than 6 glasses of water can keep his hair fresh and glowing for whole day. Besides this, hair problems can also be treated by the sufficient use of water. When a person drinks enough water, then it helps in excreting those components from the body which are causing health problems in the body. This water also increases the supply of oxygen to every cell of the body included hair cells and thus the hair remains fresh.

A good diet is the solution of most of the health problems. Nowadays, most of the people are becoming the victim of health problems because they are fond of junk food. They use junk food very frequently and thus face a lot of medical problems. In short, if you start using healthy food, then you can avoid maximum health problems easily; and there will be no need of doctors. This is all about the ways of improving the hair. You can also ask from professional doctors about the natural ways of keeping the hair in good condition.